Islay Crab Exports can supply

  •   Scallops
  •   Crab
  •   Lobster
  •   Winkles
  •  Surf clams
  •  Razor clams
  •  Prime fish including Wild Seabass

We process King Scallops, fished from local waters and delivered fresh. Scallops are in good quality all year. Scallops may be bought either live in the shell, or shucked. Our Scallops are landed daily on Islay. They are cleaned and refrigerated in our small factory here close by the pier and distributed on a daily basis. For local purchase and availability please call 01496 300 442.

We deliver live velvet, green, spider and brown crabs of the highest quality.

We deliver live west  coast lobster which are considered "premium" lobsters, and are famous worldwide for their outstanding taste and high quality meat.

Winkles (periwinkles)
Periwinkles, (Littorina sp), are small marine snails that are found in large numbers along rocky shores in the intertidal and low subtidal zones. They are part of the same category (or phylum) as other such edible sea treats such as scallop, clam, oyster, mussel and squid. Periwinkles feed mostly on algae and seaweed, which are high in protein, and have a very delicate taste.Periwinkles reach about 1 inch (2.5 cm) in length, and when harvested, are transported live.

Surf Clams
Our Artic Surf Clams are deep harvested many miles off shore in the pristine,pollution free North Atlantic waters.These nutrient rich cold waters contribute to the delicate, sweet fresh surf clam taste

Razor Clams
Razor clams are a species of clam with a long, curved, narrow shell which gives them their name through the resemblance to an old fashioned cutthroat razor.These clams are very hard to catch as they wedge themselves into the seabed, we only select the largest razor clams which are full of sweet-tasting clam meat, hand dived to ensure they are caught and delivered to you live, so we can guarantee you the freshest catch.

Prime Fish/Wild Seabass
We can source prime fish especially wild Seabass depending on the catch. Give us a call and let us know what you are looking for

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